Sharing our Journey in Establishing the Committee at WFATE

On July 12 our team presented about our initiative at the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education (WFATE) conference that was held at the University of Victoria. Our session was titled, ‘Developing a Departmental EDID Committee: Re-imagining Policies and Practices to Decolonize Teacher Education’ and was intended to share our work in progress to date on the committee. We had a full room for the session and there seemed to be a great deal of interest in how we are approaching and engaging with this work.

To engage the audience, we drew upon the wonderful work of Jo Chrona, Becoming Anti-Racist in Canada: A Journey to Support Reconciliation. We found the graphic quite useful and wanted to turn it into an activity to get people engaging with one another. So, each of the statements was printed off on a little card, and we brought six sets of these to the session. We distributed them to groups who engaged with them and consider them for discussion or reflect on times when they have aligned with or acted in relation to one of the statements.

Here is a link to the slides we used during our presentation:

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