The Curriculum and Instruction (Decolonization), Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Committee [or (D)EDI Action Committee] is an ongoing and responsive committee made up of students, staff (including sessional instructors), and faculty who are committed to creating an intentional space to:

  • Create and implement a department specific (D)EDI Action Plan (currently working with the program redesign)
  • Focus on actionable initiatives to further C&I (D)EDI Action Plan, UVIC EAP, and Strategic Goals as they relate to (D)EDI (program developments, equity-centred design, events, workshops, etc.)
  • Support and advocate for the UVIC EAP within our department
  • Invite and seek to take action on Ideas and Feedback related to (D)EDI Action.

The name of the committee places the term ‘decolonization’ first to acknowledge the need to centre the experiences and knowledges of Indigenous peoples as well as the harm caused by colonialism. ‘Decolonization’ is also placed in brackets to recognize that this term is problematic and may change. Also, we call ourselves an ‘Action Committee’ because the work we do must be beyond discussion and involve action for it to be meaningful or transformative. 

Photo by Robert Katzki on Unsplash